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Hi, i'm Julian. I acquire a growth mindset by realising problem-solving ideas for the creator economy with brands. My weekly newsletter↓

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A bit about me

I identify as a Creative Engineer as I live at the intersection of product, brand and growth mindset. I love finding myself in the early stages of fresh ventures, small side projects or even ambitious disruptors.

Did I also already mention I am born in Bermuda 🇧🇲? It's a tiny little island in the middle of the Atlantic (please don't mention the triangle...).

Whenever I am not building or designing, I produce House music or DJ at bars & clubs. You can find my Spotify here.

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I founded VENTRY, AgeOfUs, worked for myself and these companies

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What I love doing everyday

I do a lot of stuff, but I've tried to make it stupid simple. Here we go:
I live and breathe a 1. growth mindset, 2. build cool #nocode products and 3. brand the sh*t out of everything.

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Product Development - front to back

Functional prototypes, beautiful landing pages, MVP apps or anything else. I love building digital tools and managing their existence & growth.

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Business Structure & Optimisation

I've been told I have a an eye for detail and big picture thinking. I define the problem, identify the scope and finally provide the structure for optimal business operations (mostly in Notion).

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Holistic Brand Experience

I am in love with the entire process of brand strategy, brand identity and visual identity. I design everything from the personality, words, colours and graphic design elements. Creating a cohesive 'vibe' is gold.

My latest creations

“Julian and his team built our brand experience from the bottom up. Julian demonstrated not only great skills in brand building, design and go 2 market strategy but also showed great leadership.”

profile image of the co-founder of hooked foods tom johannson
Tom Johansson
Hooked Foods Co-Founder

“Julian and his team solved their bief for Hedvig brilliantly. Their solution was both innovative and something we could apply right away. This and his energy was highly appreciated by our team.”

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Carl Lager
Hedvig Head of Growth
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