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Product Launch
May 17, 2021 (Newsletter)

A weekly newsletter to inspire & enhance your product iterations. Because we all know our work is constantly evolving, never done & always improving.

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Julian Paul
Creative Engineer is an effort to find the best way from point A to point B within product design & development. We are always on a journey that oftentimes includes a gruelling process, with many windings roads and insurmountable macro/micro decisions. Especially as products are always evolving and adapting, whilst leaving the iterations within mostly chaotic & uncontrolled. wants to change that by gathering tools, stories & inspirations around a community that seeks to enhance the never-ending product iteration process.

“Our role is to imagine products that don’t exist and guide them to life.” – Christopher Stringer

The Visual Identity

This newsletter was built around a brand concept that took the following digital formats. First, we will have a look at the brand direction. It is a selection from the visual identity that made up this small project: brand direction & visual identity.

The landing page

Second, we will look at the website mockup, that was crafted 1:1 as the preparation suggests. The colours and feeling of the visual identity shown above are strong and to the point. Resulting in a overall warm and welcoming vibe perception by potential subscribers: homepage mockup.

The Roadmap

I designed an in-depth gameplan or roadmap for this brand experience, with a big vision in mind. Sadly not executed:

  1. Enable submitting your own Stories, Tools & Inspos. The first step on the agenda will be co-creating this product iteration focused newsletter with you, by enabling you to submit content & features.
  2. A Medium Publication for more submissions. Absolutely key & integral to creating the brand authority will be a Medium publication, where you can submit & read stories of iterators just like you.
  3. A Slack Community of like-minded iterators. The Slack community is the one I am most excited about, as that is going to be the platform, where you will be able to bounce off ideas & iterations almost seamlessly!
  4. Open up for sponsorships & collaborations. At one point this also needs to pay off. But, if we hit a sizeable subscriber base & you are working on a product that needs promotion. Then we can always chat!

Current Status

Out of order, awaiting approval of brand master to define, refine and execute pivot.